My Design Process


The modern day woman is confident, expressive, multi-faceted, and resilient. She deserves a pair of shoes that match those qualities and does not compromise. But too often, she has to choose between aesthetics and comfort. Sometimes after a long day, the best part of wearing a killer pair of heels (pun intended) is actually taking them off. I believe women should have the best of both worlds: the ideal heel should be comfortable, balanced, and allow women to express their confidence loudly.

vaulted ceilings, heel rendering & various heel samples inspired by architectural forms

Inspired by Architecture

As an engineer, my love for architecture serves as my perfect inspiration. From arches, to buttresses and vaulted ceilings, these structures are not only artistic forms, but also serve an important function in providing support and stability. Refined over countless iterations for the right balance of form and function, the Libra Collection applies the same artistic and engineering concepts from architecture, utilizing beautiful curves to accentuate a woman's legs and strengthen the platform she stands on.

colorful Volta mid heel mules shoes

A Touch of Color

Nothing screams style and confidence like a little bit of color. For me, color has always been a medium for self expression, and I want to empower others in the same way. With the Libra Collection, I've carefully sought out bold colors and rich textures that can pop with any wardrobe. Find the color that speaks to you!

colorful Volta mid heel mules shoes

Alto high heel, Volta mid heel mule, Mesa low heel flat shoes all in black

Timeless Quality

We are dedicated to using high quality materials that will last over countless wears. We chose soft and durable Napa leather in the shoe uppers for a luxurious feel that you can depend on for years to come. Our leathers are responsibly tanned in an all-natural process using vegetable based chemicals rather than harmful metals like chromium.